At Thrive Family we see continued professional development and supervision as essential to our profession.  We are excited to be launching a series of training events. Our aim is to deepen our understanding of the latest developments in evidence-based practice and to support clinicians in improving their application of such models to their clinical practice.

We will be launching three series of year-long programmes. Each of the series will offer webinars, workshops and supervision run by trainers who are passionate with years of experience applying their knowledge to their clinical practice. 

The three series are:

1. Nurturing our Therapeutic Stance: This series focuses on how clinicians can deepen their therapeutic alliance and explore and discover the type of therapist they want to be. Joining the year-long series will include webinars and monthly emails with exercises to deepen your exploration. Click here to view the events lined up.

2. Third Wave Series – This series offers workshops and webinars introducing and deepening our knowledge of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Efficacy Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Practices. The year-long series includes both webinars and workshops exploring the application of ACT, EET, and MBP to a variety of presentations. Joining the year-long series will also include supervision with experienced trainers. Click here to view the events lined up.

3. Couples Series – This series offers a deep dive into Gottman Couples Therapy methods and other evidence-based models to result in greater effectiveness in our work with couples. The year-long series includes training in Gottman (level 1, 2 & 3), shorter workshops looking at its application to specific populations, and workshops in working with co-morbidities. Joining the year-long series includes group supervision with the trainer. Click here to view the events lined up.

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