Supervision for Professionals

Drs. Stevens, Waddington and Greene provide clinical supervision to Psychologists. All three clinicians have years of experiences in clinical supervision of Psychologists in Universities, private practice and in Hospitals. Dr. Stevens is currently an adjunct associate professor at National University Singapore supervising Clinical Psychologist trainees on their placements. Dr. Waddington was an adjunct associate professor at NUS for five years. Dr. Stevens, Dr. Greene and Dr. Waddington have previously trained clinicians in the UK, having years of experience supervising clinicians and trainees in London both in local services and private practice.

Currently, Dr. Stevens and Dr. Waddington are available to provide supervision in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, child assessments, behavioural assessments and educational assessments. Dr. Greene is also available to provide supervision in child assessments, Cognitive assessments and Autism assessments in addition to school provisions and support.

Dr. Stevens has a specialism in adoptions and foster care, having worked for 20 years in London Social Services.

Ms Mahima Gupta Didwania, Dr. Cherie Chan and Dr. Lea Kendrick also provide supervision.

Please get in touch should you require any further information.