Services For Couples

All relationships can suffer under the increasing pressure of everyday life. People may argue, be unable to communicate, struggle with trust or intimacy. Couples come to therapy to improve their relationship or to separate as amicably as they can.

Gottman Method Couple Therapy is one of the most researched and evidence-based therapeutic models for couples therapy. It is a short term, structured, goal-oriented, client-focused therapy. It is the only couple therapy system that is continually evaluated for its efficacy and effectiveness and boasts the lowest relapse rate – which in turn makes this the most successful couples therapy method available today.

How does couples therapy work?

The couple and therapist will work together to understand their relationship strengths and challenges and address these with a number of interventions that are based on Dr Gottman’s research across thousands of couples over 30 years.

The therapist and couple will work to improve:

  1. Friendship and affection
  2. Trust and commitment
  3. Improve conflict resolution – resolve longstanding differences
  4. Develop deeper understanding of each other’s worlds
  5. Create a shared meaning in life

Therapy will start with three to five session for the assessment which will include individual sessions and a number of questionnaires. Time is spent exploring the challenges and strengths in the relationship and the history of the issues and of the couple. Individual sessions are used to explore any individual history that may be relevant to the difficulties faced.

Finally, the couples will again with the therapist to explore the findings from the assessment and to plan therapy together. The goals are set collaboratively and the work is started. Weekly sessions usually are between 60-90 minutes and homework is set to practice the skills worked on in session.

Dr Emma Waddington, Kate Holt and Natasha Kottegoda-Breden are all trained in Gottman Couples Therapy and will be able to support you and your partner in this work together.

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