Individualised Employee Assistance Programs

Confidential sessions can be provided in our clinic, onsite or online. Our aim is to help employees with personal or work related difficulties.
Having access to this support can increase employee productivity and efficiency, improve morale, reducing absenteeism, presenteeism and enable you to increase talent retention.

On site clinics

We have experience of delivering in-house confidential sessions to employees within a private space in their work place. This can reduce barriers to accessing help. It means less time is spent away from the office. Employees can check things out with a trained clinician before their wellness deteriorates or has a real impact on their work.

Online sessions

We are experienced at delivering help online. We use a secure teleconference system. It also enables us to offer a platform for support for those living in other countries or travelling with global roles.

We are currently a provider for Optum (Life Works)