Services For Children and Families

We can work with babies to school aged children. Working together with parents is central to our approach.

  • Mood and Emotions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, impact of trauma, separation anxiety, phobias, mutism
  • Behavioural Difficulties:  tempers or meltdowns , anger outbursts, aggression
  • Self-Regulation: sleeping, feeding, wetting, soiling
  • Difficulties with Friendships: making and maintaining friends, isolation, withdrawal, being bullied and bullying
  • Difficulties with Development: autism, ADHD, general and specific learning difficulties
  • School Issues: attendance, academic progress, motivation, behaviour, relationships with teachers, bullying.
  • Family Life: conflict between or with parents and / or siblings, separation, divorce, managing as a reconstituted family, illness, bereavement
  • Parenting: bonding, boundary setting, managing as a single parent, parenting effectively as a couple, relationship building, balancing work / life / and family
  • Transition and third culture issues

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