Services For Adolescents

Talking therapies for young people can be life changing, helping them deal with challenges they are experiencing and teaching them important coping skills they can use in life. Our therapists work effectively with a wide range of issues including;

  • Mood and Emotions: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessions, compulsions, impact of trauma, stress, phobias, social anxiety
  • Behavioural Difficulties:  anger outbursts, aggression
  • Self-Harm and Risk Taking: cutting, suicidal ideation, putting self in danger
  • Self-Regulation: managing emotions
  • Difficulties with Friendships: making and maintaining friends, isolation, withdrawal
  • Difficulties with Development: autism, ADHD, general and specific learning difficulties
  • School Issues: attendance, academic progress, motivation, behaviour, relationships with teachers, bullying. Motivation & academic challenges
  • Family Life: conflict between or with parents and / or siblings, separation, divorce, managing as a reconstituted family, illness, bereavement
    Parenting: bonding, boundary setting, managing as a single parent, parenting effectively as a couple, relationship building, balancing work / life / and family
  • Transition and third culture issues
  • Body Image and eating disorders
  • Sex related issues
  • Grief and loss

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