About us

Thrive Family was set up with a vision to support both the local and the expat communities. The aim is to focus on providing an excellent service for clients, by choosing clinicians that share in their values and expertise.  Thrive Family was also set up with an intention to support local communities, and to nurture the provision of good quality psychological care and to reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues. To this goal, Thrive Family works with a number of local communities, such as Zenith Medical in Punggol, CPAS, Institute of Mental Health and National University Singapore. Thrive Family also offers clinical supervision, training and hands on psychotherapeutic work within the community. 

All the therapists at Thrive Family are motivated to be here by more than for financial reasonsWe all have a shared commitment to using evidence based practice in our work. We are all working to become experts in our line of work, and we do this by continually training and educating ourselves. We also work as part of a team, and we are all very supportive of each other and the work we do. We believe this helps us deliver the best service to our clients. We also work to be a hub for connecting mental health professionals all across Singapore. We hold regular meetings, attend conferences and train other professionals. And we practice ethically. If we don’t think we can provide the right services to meet a person’s needs, we’ll refer that person onto someone who can. We pride ourselves in answering every contact we get and helping every one find their way in a complicated mental health system

We adopt an LGBTQA+ Friendly approach to our practise.

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Some of the therapies we use are:


We aim to create an environment where clients and clinicians can thrive. Contact us today to start your treatment.

By treating our clients with…

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Compassion

By developing a team that is…

  • Mutually supportive
  • Collaborative
  • Open

By being…

  • Generous
  • Reflective
  • Empathic
  • Self critical
  • Non-discriminatory

We also aim to:

  • Support local initiatives and invest time and effort in promoting excellent practice in our local context.
  • Work with underprivileged and under resourced communities.
  • See our employees as part of our Thrive family and to reward them accordingly.
  • Emphasise and support the importance of training, supervision and growth for all our employees.
  • Be environmentally responsible, reducing waste and buying responsibly wherever possible.