Administration and Assistants : Meet the Team

Diana Fernando

Senior Administrator

Diana’s career has taken her through the glamour and luxury of the hotel industry where graciousness and hospitality is expected, coupled with consistent excellence and quality people skills. Diana continued to broaden her expertise in customer service management in other fields such as telecommunication and education prior to her current role. Diana believes in a life long learning journey both professionally and privately.

Guo Hui Qing


Qing is currently studying in Murdoch University majoring in Psychology and Criminology. She is passionate about behaviourism and neuropsychology and wants to be a forensic psychologist in the future. Before joining the Thrive Family, Qing worked in the food and beverage industry for 6 years where she gained many experiences and her favourite part of it was working as a barista! 

In the meantime, she takes on hobbies like film photography and gardening. She also loves solo travelling and going to musical theatres (her favourite musicals are My Fair Lady and Phantom of the Opera!). Qing spends most of time running after her boyfriend’s pets — three dogs and two cats!

Angelyn Fletcher


Angelyn graduated with a BSc in Psychology (Honours) from Coventry University and is constantly seeking out what life has to offer in both her career and personal life. She is pursuing towards a Masters in Animal Assisted Therapy/Organisational Psychology in hopes to be able to provide care to the underprivileged, coupled with her love for animals. Before joining Thrive Family, she has worked as a choir leader for pastoral services in Malaysia, a veterinary assistant in the zoo, as well as a team building facilitator here in Singapore.

She enjoys sharing her musical knack through singing and provides ukelele lessons to friends and strangers alike, cafe hopping, travelling, and gaming with her friends online.

In her pursuit of knowledge & self-improvement, she is currently learning new languages (Hokkien/Portugese) as a way to connect back to her family roots and partakes in puppy yoga, cooking classes and floral arrangement workshops when oppportunity arises.