Administration and Assistants : Meet the Team

Rita Waswani

Clinic Manager

Delivering outstanding management support has always been an essential part of Rita’s work ethos. Born and raised in multi-cultural Singapore, Rita enjoys working with, helping, and connecting people from different cultural backgrounds. Since moving to the UK for her university education as a teenager, she has spent most of her adult life overseas working in various professional and volunteer positions in Indonesia, Belgium and the UK.

Rita brings extensive experience in implementing internal policies, developing business strategies, budget planning and overseeing HR and office management functions. Her many years of living in different European and Asian countries has given her a strong understanding and appreciation of different cultures as well as first-hand experience and insight into the many challenges of relocating, working and raising a family away from “home”.  As a mother of 3 children raised as “global citizens”, she also appreciates all the amazing encounters, adventures and opportunities her family has enjoyed abroad and in Singapore.

In her free time, Rita enjoys reading, silly and serious conversations, learning new ways to use tech, walking in nature, indulging in wine, chocolate and coffee to fulfil her personal goal of being happy, healthy and surrounded by people she loves!