Dr Ronina Stevens

Clinic Manager and Clinical Psychologist working with children, adolescents and adults. 

Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, B.Sc. in Psychology (Hons.)

Nina is a UK trained Clinical Psychologist who is registered with the British Health Care Professions Council in the UK (the licensing body for the UK) and a member of the Singaporean Psychological Society.

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Background & Experience

Prior to moving to Singapore, she worked for the NHS (National Health Service) for 19 years. In this time, she worked extensively with adults, children and adolescents across a range of settings; hospitals, forensic, schools, GPs and community settings.

Nina has contributed to research and lectured at London Universities. She has presented at national conferences and in the House of Lords. Nina was managing the clinical input into 3 large services which provided interventions for families with complex needs in London from a range of cultural backgrounds.

Working with children

Nina has specialised in clinics for infants also seeing antenatal and postnatal mothers who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, attachment difficulties or stress in relation to parenting.

Nina has worked with kindergartens and schools covering a range of childhood presenting difficulties including behavioural, emotional and learning. She has worked with children presenting with mood difficulties, phobias, ADHD, OCD, oppositional problems, school refusal, anxiety, sleep problems, toileting issues and general family difficulties (with or without a diagnosis).

Working with adolescents is an area Nina is a specialist in, treating anxiety, depression, self-harm, substance misuse, trauma, behaviour problems and low self-esteem.

Working with adults

Nina enjoys adult work and can treat a range of difficulties from mood issues to difficulties with relationships and challenges with emotional regulation.

Nina has a realism about the difficulties and stress faced trying to achieve work life balance and adjust to expat life. Nina is trained in a range of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Behavioural, Systemic, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, EMDRT (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy), Mentalisation Based Therapy and Parenting Programmes. Nina can also conduct psychometric testing with adults and children.  


Nina worked as an Adjunct Associate at the National University of Singapore on the Masters of Clinical Psychology Programme for two years. This involved supervising interns work in local clinics. This work has helped her to develop an understanding of some of the issues facing local Singaporeans.

Nina has been working in a comprehensive private practice treating many expats before founding Thrive Family with Dr Emma Waddington. The approach she takes is warm and transparent.


Nina is a parent of five children (who are far from perfect!) and she doesn’t hold with perfect parenting. She believes a little humour and self-kindness go a long way.

Ronina’s typical working times

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