Jessie Yeung

Clinical Psychology Intern in training

Undertaking Master of Psychology (Clinical) from National University of Singapore (NUS)

Working with Adults, Adolescents and Children

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Background & Experience

Jessie is currently completing her Master of Psychology (Clinical) from National University of Singapore (NUS). In her previous workplace at Singapore Prison Service, she provided correctional rehabilitation and mental health intervention to youth and adult offenders struggling with mental health issues, in the forms of group-based programmes and individual intervention sessions. She has worked with individuals who struggle with trauma-related symptoms, interpersonal-related issues, and emotional regulation. Jessie’s nature of being warm, empathetic, and curious helps her to remain open-minded and relate easily to others.


Jessie believes in taking a client-centred, strength-based approach and forming collaborative therapeutic relationships to support and guide clients to make meaningful changes in their lives. She practises Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-behavioural Therapy.

Jessie is currently supervised by Chermain Wong


During Jessie’s free time, she enjoys weekly yoga sessions with her husband and spends time with friends over coffee.

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