Isabelle van Hasselt

Clinical psychologist working with children and adolescents

Bachelor and Master in pedagogical sciences/orthopedagogy (psychology) & Postgraduate Health Care psychologist for children and adolescents.

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Background & Experience

Isabelle provides clinical assessment and treatment for emotional and behavioural problems in children and adolescents, including anxiety, depression, anger, emotion regulation, phobias, grief, eating disorders, social skills, adjustment difficulties, ADHD, autism, repetitive movements, attachment and relationship problems. Isabelle also conducts psychometric assessments of school-aged children to assess cognitive ability and attention issues.

Since 2015, Isabelle has worked at a specialized mental health care institution in The Netherlands. She has clinical experience in individual and group counselling, psychotherapy, crisis management, psychological assessment and collaborating with families, schools and community organizations. Isabelle has also worked as an online therapist for expats. 

She provides her services in English and Dutch.

Therapeutic Approaches

Isabelle’s therapeutic approach is integrative and informed by cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) and solution-based therapy. She believes in a client-centred approach and thinks it is important to include the family. Isabelle wants to strengthen and empower clients while working on the challenges someone faces in a validating, non-judgmental way. Most importantly, Isabelle strives to deliver warmth and authenticity in her services.


Isabelle enjoys cooking and traveling. She has lived in the Netherlands until she moved to Singapore so she got an insight into the challenges that arise from moving (during COVID) and adjusting to new environments.

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