Helen Skinner

Clinical Hypnotherapist working with children, adolescents and adults

MEng, D.Hyp, MBSCH

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Certificate in Behavioural Change from the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy Asia. She is a registered member of the British Society Of Clinical Hypnosis.

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Background & Experience

Helen has worked with a range of clients to help them to deal with issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking, preparing for birth, bruxism and chronic pain. She firmly believes in the mind/ body connection and is committed to working with clients to give them practical tools and techniques they can use themselves to assist with the achievement of their therapy goals. She is a passionate learner and loves to further her knowledge and skills whenever she can.


Her own interest in hypnotherapy started when she used it to prepare for the birth of her first child in 2009. The experience was extremely positive and a very empowering way to start her journey into motherhood. She chose to prepare for the arrival of her second child in exactly the same way (and then used hypnotherapy for weight loss to help her get back to a UK size 12, having been up to a size 16 as a new mum for almost a year.) Thereafter she was determined to share the incredible power of hypnosis with other women – encouraging them to take this opportunity to grow in confidence as mothers through the act of birth and to set and achieve goals using the power of their subconscious.

Helen is extremely passionate about encouraging women to prepare positively for birth and to use this life changing experience as an opportunity to prepare not just for the ‘process’ of birth, but also for the years of motherhood and parenting to come. She also enjoys working with clients who are committed to change, such as habit breaking, overcoming a fear or mastering a new skill.

She believes that any client who is willing to make a firm decision to achieve their goal has enacted one of the most powerful forces for change. Through hypnotherapy she works with her clients to help them visualise success and assist them in accessing the power of their subconscious mind to give them ‘super-charged’ willpower and a deeply held belief that they can achieve their goal.

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