Deanna Williams

Counsellor in Training

Counsellor in training, working with children

Undertaking Master of Counselling with Monash University, Australia

Academic background: Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education with a minor in Special Education

Elementary Counsellor at international school in Singapore

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Background & Experience

Deanna was an elementary teacher for nine years before becoming a school counsellor teaching second and third grade at American and International schools. This experience has prepared her to support each child’s individual goals by supporting the needs of the family and the child. She will begin her second year as an elementary school counsellor.


Deanna loves working with kids by empowering them to take ownership over their goals while providing guidance to reach those goals. She understands the power of parent partnership to make the most impact for children. Deanna has experience creating individualized behavior plans to reinforce desired behaviors to promote growth. She thrives to support families in reaching their goals by understanding the family’s needs before creating systems of support specific to the child’s needs.


Deanna moved to Singapore from Spain in 2016 to teach at an international school. She met her husband in Singapore. After a Circuit Breaker marriage, they recently celebrated their first year wedding anniversary. Deanna intends to continue practicing as a school counsellor but is looking forward to the learning experience that will come from working with Thrive Family.

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