Dounia Crivelli

Assistant Psychologist working with children and adolescents

Msc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health from UCL (University College London), BSc in Psychology from the University of Nottingham.

Dounia can conduct therapy in English and French.

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Background and Experience

Prior to working at Thrive, Dounia worked as a behavioural therapist for children and adolescents with Autism, special needs, ADHD, ADD and other learning difficulties. She has also previously done some shadow teaching which included one on one support to children at their school.
Dounia has volunteered in numerous different occasions. Locally, she volunteered at ‘Child @ st 11’ to work with children from low-income/dysfunctional families, and worked at a home for the elders. Additionally, she volunteered around South East Asia such as Cambodia and Thailand, to work with elephants, build houses for families, build a school, work with children affected by AIDS, and teach English. Whilst at University, Dounia was president of a student-run charity society called ‘Karnival’. This included raising money in various ways for different causes such as local children’s hospitals, cancer research, Alzheimer’s, deforestation, etc. She also was a part of the on-campus UNICEF committee.

Therapeutic approaches

Dounia believes in bringing a positive and holistic approach to therapy. She likes to ensure that clients feel comfortable and heard. Having worked with Autism and special needs, she understands that each client is unique and likes to focus on each individuals strengths. She also uses some of her social thinking and ABA skills for children where she feels is needed. In addition, she is passionate about fitness and health, and believes that this, along with positivity, mindfulness and affirmations, can be beneficial in therapy; ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. Dounia is trained in basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and social thinking.


Having lived in Switzerland, Hong Kong, the UK and Singapore, Dounia loves meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. She loves to travel, try new things and create new experiences/memories. She finds reading, staying active and volunteering extremely enriching.

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