Compassion Campaign 2020

In October, our activities are all based in the Thrive Family Clinic: our team are taking part in the 30 Day Compassion Challenge (details below) and sharing recent moments of compassion on posters displayed in the waiting rooms. Look out for them and feel inspired to have your own moment of compassion!

We’ll be posting our compassion stories on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages – share them to promote compassion to your loved ones and beyond.

The 30 Day Compassion Challenge is a global project led by Compassion It. It started on October 5th, but feel free to join in part way through. Sign up on their website to receive the 30 Day Compassion Challenge calendar…

Compassion is…

To experience the emotions of someone who is sufferingTo help reduce the suffering


To inspire daily compassionate acts within the community



  • Sharing of compassionate acts by our clinicians
  • 30 Days Compassion Challenge
  • Fundraising efforts