Central to Thrive Family values is the intention to support local communities. All of our clinicians are committed to coming together with other professionals and projects that support access to mental health care here in Singapore.

We intend to nurture the provision of good quality psychological care, we do this by supporting our Associations as members of SPS and SAC but also by investing in Clinicians in training at our practice.

We wish to to reduce stigma and increase access to help for mental health. We do this through our Pro bono, helpline and project work.

We have trained and supervised in a number of areas including joining with Zenith Medical to provide Continued Professional Development on Mental Health to local GPs. Supervising IMH ( Institute of Mental Health ) staff, Supervising staff at CPAS ( Cerebral Palsy Alliance).

The Compassion It movement founded in the USA is influencing us to think about how we can inspire daily compassionate actions and attitudes here in Singapore