Amplifying autistic voices

In honour Autism Acceptance Month in April, I want to highlight female autistic individuals on LinkedIn who can advocate for themselves and their community much better than I can. It is important in our work to amplify autistic voices, share resources written by autistic people and support autistic people in their school, work and businesses.

This month I am focusing this post on female voices as there is still a long way for professionals to go in understanding and supporting women on the spectrum. I hope to raise awareness by sharing a small selection of inspiring women with autism, from across the globe, I encourage you to follow on LinkedIn:

Robyn Steward

Rochelle Van Heerden

Mollie Pittaway

Nicky Collins

Christina Keeble

Bianca Toeps

Charlotte Valeur

Melanie Sykes

To help people appreciate the diverse lived experiences of those on the autism spectrum, here is a video by AutismBC that showcases some individuals talking about what makes them unique.

Written by:

Dr Jennifer Greene

Educational Psychologist

DEChPsy (UK)

MSPS, Registered Psychologist

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